How to create the perfect wedding list – the ultimate guide by an interior designer


Creating a wedding list can be daunting so here are a few tips to help guide you.

1) Choose the right wedding list service.

I recommend Prezola because they have a wide, stylish selection of brand partners including a few of my personal favourites such as Heal’s and OKA for beautiful homeware, and LSA for glassware.

LSA glassware, how to create the perfect wedding list

Prezola are also incredibly flexible. Most wedding list services only work with certain brands which limits your choice, whereas Prezola allow you to add products from anywhere. For instance, I have an unhealthy addiction to Anthropologie (great for adding pops of colour to your home – see image below) and Loaf (who offer high quality, reasonably priced furniture) – neither of which work with typical wedding list services. Fortunately, if you’re using Prezola, then you can add products manually, turning the entire internet into your shop window.

Anthropologie dinnerware, how to create the perfect wedding list

2) Pick a unifying trend.

There can be a temptation to add every product you like to your wedding list, but remember, it all has to work in harmony. Choose a unifying trend that appears in small quantities throughout your home. For instance, you could pick copper accents to add warm notes to each room, such as a few metallic flecks in a pillow, or a bold copper lamp like these from Heal’s.


3) Mix and match.

Although a little continuity is lovely (see above), you don’t want to go overboard and look like you’ve pressed ‘buy all’ from a catalogue. Instead, ‘mix and match’ by picking diverse items that share a recurring theme, ensuring they contrast and complement each other.

Let’s take scatter pillows as an example. You could choose a type of pattern, like geometrics, as a point of consistency across the pillows because it still gives you the scope to pick different brands, colours, shapes and sizes. However, if you don’t love pattern, you could use a particular colour or style to provide a common thread instead. See these gorgeous Holly’s House scatter pillows as an example.

Holly's House scatter pillows, how to create the perfect wedding list

If you want to go one step further, you can combine your ‘mixing and matching’ with the unifying theme that you’ve picked across your home. It’s not as difficult as you might think – just one item can bring the two together. For instance, continuing with the earlier examples in this article, you could add a geometric rug with copper accents.

The aim is to have continuity across your home without it slapping you round the face.

4) Important practical points.

i) For your essentials (glasses, plates, bowls etc.) choose items you can easily replace.

This is important because you will break them over the years.

ii) Make sure your essentials look timeless

You’ll use your wedding presents for the rest of your life… but only if you continue to like them. If you pick plates that are very fashionable today, you might not like them in 30 years. Choose classics that will stand the test of time.

iii) Lighting, lighting, lighting

Every room (excluding bathrooms and kitchens) looks better with side lighting. Just one lamp per room can make the world of difference – particularly if you don’t have dimmer switches.

iv) If you have outdoor space, don’t forget it!

This may sound obvious but outdoor space in the UK is often neglected – it’s a serious bugbear of mine! You should treat it as a whole extra room to play with.

Small garden, how to create the perfect wedding list

v) Make your list longer than you think

It not only gives your guests more choice, but if you choose Prezola, you get 10% off any items that aren’t bought by your guests – which means you can buy them at a discount after your wedding. Plus, Prezola have a function which allows you to highlight the gifts you particularly want.

vi) De-clutter

This is such an important point; don’t obscure your beautiful new products with things that need throwing away. If you need a timeframe, use the delivery date as your deadline for a spring clean – you can give any items you’re replacing to charity, friends or family.

vii) Add more storage – the clever way

You’re going to buy a lot of items (particularly for the kitchen) so it’s worth considering where you’re going to keep it all.

Storage jars look lovely on countertops and you can fill them with products from your cupboards (such as tea bags) which frees up the cupboards for other things that you buy.

If you’re buying a lot of things then open storage can be a really clever solution because it keeps the room feeling open. Take this ladder-style shelf unit from Loaf, for example. It gets narrower at the top which means you can store large items easily at the bottom without taking up too much space at eye-level.

Loaf furniture, how to create the perfect wedding list

Final note

Wedding lists can be daunting but are lots of fun. Just make sure you start early enough to feel no pressure and enjoy the whole process.

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